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The Gyne's Guide for College Women and Girls
The Gyne's Guide for College Women and Girls

The Gyne's Guide for College Women:

How to Have a Healthy, Safe and Happy Four Years

by M. Susan Scanlon, MD

"Ever wish there was a grown-up version of that American Girl Book about your 'changing body' that your mom gave you when you were 9? One that gave advice like how to lower your risk of sexual assault on campus, prevent STDs and avoid the 'freshman 15.' This book could be it."

-Tina Kapinow

  Mogul Influencer

Dr. Susan Scanlon's college guidebook will help you tackle the following topics:

Featured In:

College Women Guidebook
  • Defining who YOU want to be

  • Knowing your boundaries

  • Steps to reduce college stress

  • Boosting your own self-esteem

  • Tips on how to say "NO!" 

  • Decisions about sexuality

  • Yeast & bladder infections

  • Abnormal periods

  • Contraception options

  • Avoiding STDs

  • Sexual assault prevention

  • Importance of self-defense

  • Risks of alcohol use

  • Dangers of date rape drugs

  • Getting help for depression

  • Dorm room work out

  • Yoga poses for college women

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Step-by-step exercise plan

  • Navigating the cafeteria

  • Vitamins to take

  • When to call the doctor

  • Make mistakes & survive

  • Apps to stay on top of it all 

Watch these TV interviews with Dr. Susan Scanlon to learn about The Gyne's Guide for College Women
and what young women need to know before heading to college! 
Healthy Foods
Protect yourself, How to say "NO!"
Yoga Poses for College Women
Sleep is important
Dorm room workouts
The right Apps to stay on top of it all
When to call your doctor
Get help with depression
Why I wrote The Gyne's Guide
for College Women

"My aim is for YOU to have a fabulous college experience.  The Gyne's Guide will give you the information you need to keep you safe and healthy, help you stay on track to reach your goals, and make college some of the best years of your life."

- Dr. M. Susan Scanlon, MD, FACOG

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