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Respect Yourself Protect Yourself workshops

Essential Health and Safety Lectures for All Ages

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Please join Dr. M. Susan Scanlon for an informative lecture to give you the tools, tips, and strategies needed for health, safety, and overall well being. 
M. Susan Scanlon, MD has given 100's of lectures over the last 20 years and has been featured on television, radio and online news for her medical expertise. 
Contact us today to schedule Dr. Scanlon to speak at your event.

Featured in:

High School Lectures 

"Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself:

College Prep from a Doctor's Point of View"

This program is designed as a high school presentation for senior students, both male and female. 

Dr. Scanlon's style is friendly and direct and captivates the high school-age audience.

Topics that are often uncomfortable for educators and parents to discuss are tackled, giving the students confidence that they understand what's ahead and are better prepared for college.

Lecture Topics
Dr M. Susan Scanlon, MD high school lect
Richard A. Borsch
Associate Principal
Fenwick High School

" Speaking to adolescents about these topics is a difficult task. Dr. Scanlon handled a group of 25o male and female teenagers effectively for the following reasons. She did not 'lecture' them, but treated them as adults who were going into the 'undiscovered country' that they will be facing next year. She did not moralize, but understood the culture in which they currently exist. She talked about difficult topics and did so in frank, but friendly terms. As a doctor she was able to speak about the results of negative behaviors in clinical terms and from what she has seen. Dr. Scanlon presented these topics effectively to our high school audience, and the responses I received from our students and faculty members have been universally positive."

Kim Anderson
Hinsdale Central High School

" Fantastic! Such important topics to help our students be more informed."

Logo Benet Academy.jpg
Theresa A. Wright
College Counselor
Benet Academy
  • Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before College

  • Applying Your Personal Values to College-Life

  • How to Handle Home-Sickness

  • Anxiety and Depression: Ways to Cope

  • Peer pressure and How to say No

  • Three Steps for Safety at College Parties

  • Understanding the Risks of Alcohol Use

  • Decisions about Sexuality

  • What Does it Mean to Give or Ask for Consent

  • Safe Sex: Who's Responsibility is it?

  • Steps to Reduce the Risk of Sexual Assault

  • Self-Defense & Bystander Awareness

  • Apps for Health and Safety

Customize the Lecture

Is there a topic that makes you uncomfortable for your event? No problem! Address the needs of your particular audience by selecting the topics you feel are most relevant to your group.

We'll work with you to design a great event for your audience

Contact us with any questions.

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Order Dr. Scanlon's College Guidebook

"The Gyne's Guide for College Women:

How to Have a Healthy, Safe, and

Happy Four Years"

"Thank you for sharing your expertise with our senior class. The topics are tough and sometimes push us into that space of discomfort, but your approach instills trust and dignity. We appreciate your time and talent! Thank you!"

"How to Decide if You Want to Be a Doctor: 

Three Tips for Teens from a Robotic Surgeon"

High school students are often intrigued by the world of medicine but are fearful about taking the steps to get there. Dr Susan Scanlon will explain her career path from high school to medical school and to becoming a doctor and surgeon.  Students will gain insights into the qualities needed for a successful and exciting career in the field of medicine.

Barrington Logo_edited.png
Marie Mirabella
Career Advisor
Barrington High School

"Thank you for speaking to our students! It was a great presentation, and I know the students learned a lot from your experiences. We look forward to having you speak again!"

logo Hoffman Estates HS.png
Paula Waterman
Lead Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator
Hoffman Estates High School

"Thank you again for sharing your time and industry insight  into your profession and your industries at the District 211 Career Expo. This is such valuable information for our students, and I am grateful for your support in educating our students."

Logo Benet Academy.jpg
Theresa A. Wright
College Counselor
Benet Academy
Dr M. Susan Scanlon, MD Robotic Surgeon.

"Dr Scanlon, I am sure your story inspired many students in our audience as they discern their college and professional life. It was especially wonderful for them to hear that the path to one's career is not always a straight line and often evolves, twists, and turns, as one matures and grows throughout their young adult lives.  You were an artist turned robotics expert!  How cool is that? We look forward to having you speak again next year."

"Making Healthy Choices Away from Home:

a Parent-Daughter Lecture"

Every parent is worried about his or her daughter as she heads out into the world. Does she have the tools she needs to handle what's ahead with confidence? Whether it's handling the high school years or making the college transition, your daughter will leave this lecture with a plan to feel confident and take care of herself away from home.

  • Defining Who You Are as a Woman

  • Peer Pressure & Ways to Say "No"

  • Handling Stress

  • Building your Self-esteem

  • Plan for Healthy Nutrition

  • Planning Ahead Before a Party 

  • Risks of Alcohol Use

  • Decisions about Sexuality

  • Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Common Medical & Gynecologic Problems

  • When to Call the Doctor

  • Helpful Apps and Websites

Making Healthy Choices: College guilde for girls
Participant Testimonials:

"Dr. Scanlon spoke about the topics that I wanted my daughter to know about, but I was too uncomfortable to talk about. Excellent lecture."

-- Deborah M. 

"Dr. Scanlon's lecture is great. I'm a high school teacher and know that the health classes don't cover these topics enough."

-- Danielle A.

"Educating adolescents at an early age about their expected development decreases the possible anxiety associated with this period of life and also helps adolescents make better choices about sexuality."

-- National Institute of Health

"My daughter walked away with great information and respect for you. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have others walk alongside me in this journey of raising my daughters."

--Julie B.

Guidebook goes hand-in-hand with the lectures!

Read it in high school to get prepared for health and safety in college!

Keep it in your dorm room for quick answers and advice when you need it!

"Hot Topics in Adolescence"

Dr. Susan Scanlon designed this lecture to tackle several relevant health issues that young women face and that drive their parents crazy! Learn helpful tips and practical advice to

make the adolescent years healthy and happy.

  • Abnormal Periods

  • Cramps

  • Mood Swings

"Preventive health information should begin in adolescence to start a dialogue and establish an environment where a patient can feel good about taking responsibility

for her reproductive health."

-- American College of OB/Gyn

Participant Testimonials:

"This was a great for my daughter to understand what she is going through right now and how to make things better." 

-Kimberly K.

-Sharon C.

"I liked the tips Dr. Scanlon gave for how I can talk to my daughter about these topics. Thank you!"

"I didn't know there were so many options other than medication. My pediatrician could only do so much and referred me to Dr Scanlon. This lecture was very helpful."

-Diane B.


  • Acne

  • Self-Esteem

"Excellent! My daughter is at an awkward age and won't talk to me about these things. I'm glad we could come and hear from a doctor about what my daughter can do."

-Michelle D.

College Lectures 

"The Road to Becoming a Doctor"

This informative lecture details a successful journey to medical school. Dr Susan Scanlon will share the qualities and work life of a physician to help students understand what it means to be a doctor. She will explain the 10 key components of a competitive application. She will also encourage students to identify their unique qualities and experiences that will make their application stand out. 

Leave with tips and strategies for a exciting pathway to medical school.

U of I logo.png
Meghan Meredith
Alpha Phi Omega Service Organization
University of Illinois

"Dr Scanlon's lecture was amazing and the reviews were excellent! She explained what everyone wanted to know....what it takes to be a doctor and the what you need for a strong medical school application. We'd love to have Dr Scanlon return again next year."

Dr Susan Scanlon, Lecture at Univ of Ill

"Adulting 101: Mental, Physical and Professional Wellness"

Dr Susan Scanlon's lecture is a thought provoking presentation for college students as they prepare to launch from college and enter the "real world." Seven strategies for stress management, keys to a healthy lifestyle, understanding sexual health, and tips for how to make mistakes and survive are all covered in a respectful but detailed format. Received with excellent reviews, this lecture is a must have event for seniors graduating from college.

Logo Agnes Scott College.png

Online Lecture Series

Dr. M. Susan Scanlon, MD Lecture for Agn
Jan Brottman
Office of Internship and Career
Agnes Scott College

"Thank you for your awesome talk tonight. You were engaging and warm, and you made it easy for students to ask questions. It was a real treat for the students who were lucky enough to attend. I am so grateful for our collaboration to help young people. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and knowledge."

"College 101: Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself"

This program is designed for college freshmen to get a great start to their new life of independence.

The goal is to help students make smart choices, be safe, and take care of themselves in college. 

This lecture goes hand-in-hand with national efforts to reduce campus sexual assault through greater education on sexuality, the risks of alcohol use, and the topic of consent. 

  • Knowing Your Boundaries

  • Handling Home-Sickness

  • Help for Stress and Depression

  • Peer Pressure and How to Say No

  • The Dangers of "The Red Zone"

  • Three Steps Before the College Party

  • Why Women Don't Win Drinking Games

  • Date Rape Drug Detection

  • Alcohol Poisoning is Real

  • Decisions about Sexuality

  • Safe Sex: Who's Responsibility is It?

  • What it Means to Give or Ask for Consent

  • Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Self-Defense

  • Bystander Awareness

Order Dr. Scanlon's College Guidebook

"The Gyne's Guide for College Women:

How to Have a Healthy, Safe, and Happy Four Years"

Great for:
  • College Freshman Orientation

  • Campus Safety Week

  • Women's Center Events

  • Sorority Events / Greek Week

  • College Health Seminars

  • Student Health Fairs

Customize the Lecture

If a topic makes you uncomfortable for your event, no problem! Select the topics you would like to address to meet the needs of your particular audience.  

Add to the Lecture

Lectures for Adult Women

"What is Going on with My Body? 

What to Expect in Your 30's,  40's,  and 50's"

Most women ask questions about their changing body at least a few times in their lives. Transitioning between the decades can bring about some significant changes, which can be confusing and sometimes alarming. Dr. Scanlon can help! Leave with a plan for optimal health at each age.

Marci Buerger
Adult Program Coordinator
Mount Prospect Public Library

"This presentation was a wonderful opportunity for the community to explore how routine tests and screenings help them take control of their health. The staff and community want you to know how much they appreciate the time and effort that goes into the preparation, travel and presentation of this program. The participants rated Dr. Scanlon's program a 9.9 out of 10 and all would recommend the program to a friend. Thank you for being a part of our Library programming."

  • Come learn about what body changes are normal and those that mean something is unhealthy

  • Screening tests you'll need at each age explained

  • Latest mammogram and PAP guidelines

  • What a bone density test means

  • Review nutritional recommendations for your age

  • Practice using a blood pressure cuff

  • Utilize breast cancer simulators to understand abnormal self-breast exams

Participant Testimonials:

"Outstanding. One of the best."

"Excellent presentation in layman's terms and covered so much material. I wish I had heard her 25 years ago."

"The information was structured, easy to understand, and relevant for women's health."

"Excellent presentation. Easy to understand. Very helpful."

"Very informative on all aspects of health care."

"Every female should hear her."

"Hot Topics in Menopause"

Join Dr. Susan Scanlon as she presents common issues facing women during the menopausal transition. Take steps to tackle these problems so you can feel your best during this significant change in your life.

  • How to Reduce Hot Flashes

  • Treat Abnormal Periods

  • Combat Weight Gain

  • Getting Enough Sleep

  • Improve Your Sex Drive

  • Understand Hormone Therapy and Bioidentical Hormones

  • What Symptoms Should Prompt You to Call the Doctor

Martha Zepeda
Physician Liaison
Northwest Community Hospital
Arlington Heights, Illinois

"Thank you for a wonderful lecture and for answering all questions on menopause that the women had. It was extremely informative and helpful."

Jennifer O'Shea
The Third Act Women's Group
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

"I can't thank you enough! Everyone loved you and learned so much! You have such a calm presence and make it easy to discuss embarrassing topics. Everyone is rehashing the night and running out to buy what you recommended! Thanks for sharing your smart self with us!"

Participant Testimonials:

"These were definitely my hot topics- thanks for telling me what I can do!"

"Thanks to Dr. Scanlon for helping me through this rough time in my life. Her tips were great!"

"My friends signed me up. What a fun night out- we learned and we laughed. Great information."

Colleen U.
Women's Forum
Arlington Heights, Illinois

"I really appreciate you doing this! It was great to learn about menopause and the top 10 list of things we should be doing for ourselves. It was helpful to have notecards available for anyone who was too shy to ask personal questions. Thank you so much!"

"Endometriosis: What Now?"

Many women suffer from painful menstrual cramps, painful sex, and pelvic pain. Some struggle with infertility. If you are having these difficulties, this lecture is for you.

Dr. Susan Scanlon will explain the latest diagnostic tools and treatment options available. Leave with a better understanding of where you can go from here.

Dr. M. Susan Scanlon would love to help you plan a fun and informative event that meets the needs of your audience. Contact us today!

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