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Dr. M. Susan Scanlon & The Gyne's Guide On Television

On YouTube

Interview with "Big John" Howell.


Dr Scanlon was on the "Big John" Howell Show talking about alcohol use, the red zone, date rape drugs and tips for college safety

Listen to the broadcast

Interview with Dr Carol Bernstein on SiriusXM 

Carol Bernstein, MD interviewed Dr Scanlon about how young women can be safe and healthy in college on the Doctor Radio Show on Sirius XM Radio.

Interview with Roe Conn & Anna Devlantis

Roe Conn and Anna Devlantis interview Dr. Susan Scanlon about sexual assault on college campuses and the challenges of consent.

Interview with Bob Sirott & Marianne Murciano


Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano interviewed Dr. Susan Scanlon about why she wrote The Gyne's Guide and the importance of getting girls ready for college.

Interview with Stephanie Trussel


Dr Scanlon talked with Stephanie Trussel about The Gyne's Guide

Interview with Robin Robinson 

 Robin Robinson interviewed Dr. Scanlon about The Gyne's Guide on her radio show Robin's Nest.  Dr. Scanlon discussed the health and safety issues facing women in college and ways to reduce the risk of sexual assault. 

College guilde for girls on the radio
Interview with Jen DeSalvo


Jen DeSalvo interviewed Dr. Scanlon about her book, The Gyne's Guide for College Women and the need for young women to get prepared for health and safety before they head to college.

Listen to the broadcast

In The Media

WGN-TV News 
Good Day Chicago

Repest Yourself Protect Yourself Workshop

Dr. M. Susan Scanlon, Respect Yourself Protect Yourself College Prep Workshop, featured on WGN Channel 9 Evening News.

Fox 32 morning news report featured Dr. Scanlon and the Respect Yourself Protect Yourself College Prep Workshops.

The Morning Blend Milwaukee

Preparing young women for all aspects of college

Dr Scanlon talked about her book, alcohol, college parties, and helpful tips for parents to prepare their daughters for a safe and healthy time in college.

WFLA News 8 with Cyndi Edwards in Tampa 
Tips on health and safety for college women

Cyndi talks with Dr. Scanlon about alcohol use, parties and safety in college.

Chuck Goudie EyeWitness News Chicago
Sexual Assalt on College Campus'

Dr. Scanlon was the featured expert in 'Progress Slow, Painful for Campus Sexual Assault Victims.

WGN-TV News with Dina Bair

The Gyne's Guide for college women and ways to protect themselves in college

Dr Scanlon talks with Dina Bair about The Gyne's Guide and ways for women to protect themselves in college.

FOX 32 News with Lisa Chavarria 

College guilde for girls

Lisa talks with Dr. M. Susan Scanlon about her book,  The Gyne's Guide for College Women.

5 PMS Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Dr M. Susan Scanlon talks with about a common problem facing young women.

Workshop Teaches Women How to Stay Safe, Healthy on Campus.

Dr Scanlon's Respect Yourself Protect Yourself College Prep Workshop was featured in this presigious online news source.

Navigating the First Challenging Weeks of College

Mary Schmich, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, featured Dr M. Susan Scanlon and The Gyne's Guide in her article! 

Everything You Need to Know about the Pill and Depression

Dr M. Susan Scanlon was interviewed about contraceptive options for patients with depressed mood.

The Link Between Birth Control and Depression


When a landmark Danish contraception study was released, Kristen Fischer at reached out to Dr Scanlon for her opinion about what women need to know about it's findings. 

Expert Outlines Six Ways Young Women Can Take the Initiative to be Safe on Campus

Dr M. Susan Scanlon was the featured expert, giving "Six Tips" for college safety.

Students Exploring Science Careers try hand at Robotic Surgery

Dr M. Susan Scanlon talks to Christopher Placek from the Daily Herald about inspiring students to pursue STEM careers by hosting robotic surgical events for high school students.

Watch the video

How Young Women Can Stay Healthy in College

Dr. M. Susan Scanlon and The Gyne's Guide were featured in theDaily Herald in an article by Eileen Daday. 

Alumni Spotlight: M. Susan Scanlon, MD

                      All in the Family

For third generation Stritch School of Medicine alum, Dr Susan Scanlon, providing exceptional health care is a family tradition.

Doctor's Guidebook Aimed at College-Bound Women

Karen Cullotta from the Chicago Tribune talks to Dr Scanlon about her book, 'The Gyne's Guide for College Women: How to Have a Healthy, Safe and Happy Four Years' and suggestions for the best college experience.

What We All Need to Know about Teen Dating Violence

Dr Scanlon was the featured expert in the physician publication of Northwest Community Hospital.

Book Signings

Hosted by the Mom's Club of Fenwick High School, at Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois and Metropolis in Arlington Heights


Schaumburg Library hosts Dr M. Susan Scanlon's lectures, including Making Healthy Choices Away from Home for students.


Northwest Community Hospital hosts Dr. Scanlon's lecture, Making Healthy Choices Away from Home each July since 2010. 

On The Radio

College Program Panelist

Dr Scanlon was a panelist for the Launching Your Kids to College program at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

Learn more about Dr. M. Susan Scanlon

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