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The purpose of this medical mission was to provide medical care to the underserved patients in Ecuador. The medical team traveled to two mountain communities, Zuleta and Cayambe, with inadequate access to OB/GYN physicians. This was a very rewarding experience and a                              

Medical Mission

Medical Mission

wonderful opportunity to help the women in these communities with prenatal     care, treatment of many gynecologic issues, and education on women's health.                                                                                                                                         Menstrual hygiene is a significant problem for women around the globe including Ecuador. In many communities, it is considered shameful to menstruate. Many young girls don't go to school when they are on their menses due to lack of access to menstrual hygiene products, running water, or toilets. The high school students on the medical team made "period packs" to give to the women in these communities in order to help them with their menstrual hygiene needs and to educate them about the natural process of menstruation.

ScanlonWorks assisted the funding of one medical assistant to travel with the physicians to provide medical assistance at the mission. In addition, medical supplies were brought to Ecuador by the medical team, including Dr Anna Bobba, Dr M. Susan Scanlon, Paras Patel, CMA, and some high school and college students.


One goal for this experience was to inspire the young participants to pursue the field of medicine and to do further global service to help people in need throughout the world.


Much thanks to the following people and organizations that generously contributed toward this medical mission 2015:

Anne Leazer, RNC, Chairman of Patient Care Leadership Council, NCH



Anna Bobba, MD, Midwest Center for Women's Healthcare

Paras Patel, CMA, Midwest Center for Women's Healthcare

Kathryn Ray, MD, Midwest Center for Women's Healthcare


H. Gordon Davis, MD, St. Alexius Medical Center, Hoffman Estates, Il.



Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, Il.




Rolling Thunder Volleyball Club, Buffalo Grove, Il.




Campagna Family, donated supplies

Prisby Family, donated supplies

Dan Sheetz, volunteer, donated supplies

Schraeder Family, donated supplies


Julie Stoker, Div. Head Special Education, Prospect High School


Joel and Kim Delp, CNP, SantiagoPartnership, Ecuador

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