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Medical Mentoring Program

Interested in our Mentor Program?

"I have had several high school, college, and medical students shadow me in the office. It has been a very rewarding experience!"


- M. Susan Scanlon, MD

Having a physician who serves as a mentor can be one of the most valuable tools for choosing a path in the field of medicine. Whether you want to be a doctor, nurse, or physician assistant, Dr. Scanlon's mentor program can give you valuable insight into what it is like to take care of patients in the medical setting. 


Participating in Dr. M. Susan Scanlon's mentor program can happen in both a formal and informal setting.

Dr. Scanlon offers formal mentoring through shadow opportunities in her office. Informal opportunities may include participating as a student leader at a College Prep Workshop or Robotic Surgical Event or joining the team on a medical mission. Having Dr. Susan Scanlon as your physician mentor through any of these avenues may help you find your passion and move forward on your career path.

Our Fall/Winter Session 2023 is full

Please check back for summer 2024 opportunities in Dr Scanlon's Mentor Program

Dr. Scanlon's Medical Mentor

If you are interested in available mentoring opportunities with Dr. Susan Scanlon, please contact us!

Student Testimonials

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to shadow Dr. Scanlon. I was able to observe many patients, office procedures, and learn how women maintained their health. Dr. Scanlon seamlessly engaged with her patients to make them comfortable. This ability to connect with patients is not acquired in the classroom so it was extremely informative to see this first hand. Experiences like this are priceless."

-Mahima D.

University of Illinois

"My days shadowing Dr. Scanlon were extremely engaging. She always took the time to explain medical concepts and answer my questions despite her busy schedule. I have walked away with a greater understanding of the field of women's health. I have recommended that my pre-med friends reach out to Dr. Scanlon for shadowing, and I would definitely be interested in coming back over another college break!"

-Julia M. 

College of William and Mary

"I want to thank Dr. Scanlon for the memorable experience. I have learned so much about the techniques she uses, the medications, the medical conditions, and the patient to doctor interactions. Dr. Scanlon took the time to explain step by step what she was doing. It felt like I was a medical student. Dr Scanlon is extremely knowledgeable, an amazing teacher and mentor, and an inspiration. I hope to follow in her footsteps in the future."

-Shawna Y.

DePaul University

"This was a great opportunity, I learned so much.

Dr Scanlon was very informative and answered any questions that I had while observing. I was able to get a better understanding about what an OBGYN office does and what the doctor's duties were and this is extremely beneficial on my journey to medical school."

-Sarah L.

Concordia University Chicago

"I was inspired by Dr. Scanlon's patience, compassion, and understanding in treating patients. Thank you for helping me follow my dream to become PA."

-Allison H.

University of Notre Dame

"The shadow experience was absolutely amazing. Thank you for taking the time to explain things, walk me through your thought-processes, and offer your mentorship. I can't tell you how much it means to me."

-Laurie F.

Elmhurst College

"I had an excellent experience with Dr. Scanlon and her team. It was a breath of fresh air observing women who were not only good at their job, but were also passionate

about the work they were doing."

-Emily S.

St. Mary's of Notre Dame

"Shadowing Dr. Scanlon was an eye opening experience into the medical field. I greatly benefitted from this mentor program. Dr. Scanlon made sure that I was informed and constantly learning. She is a large reason why I now am confident in my choice to go into the medical field. I hope to emulate her in the future. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of cases and for teaching me about the true duties and character it takes to be a doctor!"

-Kara I.

Barrington High School

"Dr. Scanlon was a great mentor and an inspiring, hardworking woman. She was very kind, and being able to shadow her was an incredibly rewarding experience. I liked that I was able to meet with patients and observe procedures that I would not be able to learn about if I was not given this opportunity."

-Samhitha R.

Neuqua Valley High School

"I had an amazing experience shadowing Dr. Scanlon. She was kind, welcoming, and very supportive of my career plans. She took extra time to teach me new terminology and I was able to understand what a typical day as a gynecologist entails. Overall, I am thankful for having this opportunity and it gave me a better perspective on what I would like to do with my career."

-Khusbu P.

Kalamazoo College, Michigan

"I was amazed how much I learned about patient care, the medical field, and what it meant to be a doctor. Through seeing how Dr. Scanlon treats and advises her patients I have been given the amazing opportunity to see how a great doctor goes about her work, which I'm extremely grateful for."

-Maggie P. 

Prospect High School

"Thank you for allowing me the chance to shadow you! I am very interested in this field and loved observing your work. Thank you so much for the opportunity!"

-Sarah P.

Hersey High School

"Dr. Scanlon's attitude and generosity show how caring she is toward her patients and coworkers. I honestly felt I was learning from the best physician and felt truly inspired. I give Dr. Scanlon a 10/10 rating. Thank you so much for a great shadowing opportunity!"

-Afshan A.

Benedictine University

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to shadow, it was a great experience and I really enjoyed being in the office. During the shadowing, I liked that I was able to see a variety of patients. Thank you!"


- Ellie M.

 Boston College

High School Administration Testimonials

"Thank you for working with our students. We have been exceptionally pleased with the time and expertise you have given our students. It has been wonderful working with you. Not only have you helped us add a new dimension to our students' high school experience, you have given them insight into a caring and serving medical profession. You have been a great role model."

-Mollie David

Director, Medical Academy 

High School District 214

"On behalf of the students and administration of Township High School District 211, I would like to extend our thanks to you. We are very fortunate as a district to have community leaders such as yourself who are willing to give of their time to students who are exploring the many career possibilities the world has to offer." 

-Jan Brottman

Career Advisor

Fremd High School

Dr. M. Susan Scanlon is a physician mentor for students during the academic year and over summer and winter breaks.

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